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   (928) 482-2289

Travel in luxury as we cruise too various destinations. The boat is designed  for comfort and convenience.

 We provide an extra large cooler and a 20 pound bag of ice for you. If you  prefer to barbecue we do have a small propane barbecue available.














Lake Havasu offers some of the worlds best sunsets. Join us for a sunset cruise. We will take you to the famous Copper Canyon and  some other coves that allow for some great photo opportunities. We will  travel around the island at sunset where you will definitely want your  camera. 










Traveling north from Lake Havasu into the Colorado River will take your  breath away. Visit Sandbar, Topock Gorge, and various beaches along the  way. Pirate Cove, and Topock 66 resorts are also on that route. Great  places for lunch and refreshments. 










Going south on Lake Havasu offers a wide variety of coves. The coves are  great for day camping or family/friend get togethers. Many coves have  picnic tables, barbecue pits, and outhouses.













The Havasu Springs Resort is another great stop for lunch and  refreshments.




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