2 Hour Excursion Special

  We will go to the London bridge,     Bridgewater Channel, Copper canyon,   and around the island. Call now   schedule your boating excursion

          Monday- Friday only                               October 1- May 1           


2 Day Excursion Special

  Book 2 days for 6 hours each day.         Includes fuel, cooler, and 20 pounds      of ice.

 Offer good from March 15, to   September 30. Not offered on major   holiday weekends             


 Topock Gorge 3 hour cruise  Excursion

  We will cruise to the Topock Gorge        from the Bridgewater Channel. We        will stop along the way and enjoy the      river for a bit.

  Cooler, water, towels and ice provided.

  Times are flexible from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

                 October 1- May 1

  This excursion operates Monday- 

  Friday only.


Monday-Thursday 5 hour special

 This tour is offered anytime Monday     through Thursday between 9 a.m.   and 5 p.m. 

 We start and stop at   times conveniant to you. 

 We will take you on the lake or the   river. We will stop at beaches, various   restaurants/resorts and   favorite preferred spots. 

        This offer is not valid on                      major holiday weekends. 

               $500.00 dollars