Party Excursion

 This is our most popular summer excursion. We   start and stop at times you pick. There is a   minimum of 4 hours for this excursion. 

 We will take you up the Colorado River or stay in   the Lake.Your choice. We pick you up and drop   you off in the channel. 

 We drive the boat and you enjoy your day and   your guests.

 Price includes fuel, lilly pad, 96 qt. cooler with     ice and water, Clean full size beach towels, and a   bluetooth sound system. We also pick up your   snacks and refreshments the day before your   excursion and we will drop the left overs back to   you at the end of the excursion.

 We require a 4 hour minimum which is $600.00   dollars. Each additional hour is $100.00 dollars   per hour.

2 Hour Excursion Special

  We will go to the London bridge,     Bridgewater Channel,Copper canyon,   and around the island.This excursion   can include a sunset cruise.Call now   schedule your boating excursion

          Sunday-Friday only.                                 October 1- April 1                                            $200.00

2 Day Excursion Special

  Book 2 days for 6 hours each day.         Includes fuel,cooler,and 20 pounds        of ice.

 Offer good from March 15, to   September 30. Not offered on major   holiday weekends             


 Topock Gorge 3 hour cruise  Excursion

  We will cruise to the Topock Gorge        from the Bridgewater Channel.We          will stop along the way and enjoy the      river for a bit. This can include a            sunset

  Cooler,water,towels and ice provided.

  Times are flexible from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

                 October 1- April 1

  This excursion operates Monday- 

  Friday only.


Monday-Thursday 5 hour special

 This tour is offered anytime Monday     through Thursday between 9 a.m.   and 5 p.m. 

 We start and stop at   times conveniant to you. 

 We will take you on the lake or the   river. We will stop at beaches, various   restaurants/resorts and   favorite preferred spots. 

        This offer is not valid on                      major holiday weekends. 

               $600.00 dollars